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PACK 234


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Blue and Gold

Let's Make This The Best BLUE AND GOLD Ever Had!!!
A committee will plan and run this event.  One volunteer member from each den will make up this committee.  A representative from this committee will report to the Pack Committee with ongoing info each month.  Please let Fran know who your volunteer is.

                       DEN 1 -
                       DEN 2 -   Chris Miller
                       DEN 3 -   Chris Miller            
                       DEN 4 -   Bill Ferguson          
                       DEN 5 -   Heather Kenney
     TIMBERWOLVES -   Angela Eiford
  FLAMING EAGLES -   Karen Leppert
         KING COBRAS -    Jeff Hoch

Our Blue & Gold Banquet is scheduled for Sat, Feb 28.  We would like to have the theme approved at the November Pack Committee meeting (Sun, Nov 16).  The BSA theme for Feb 2004 is "Fiesta" (as described below).  This theme would seem very easy to work with from the standpoint of food, decorations (placemats, table settings, etc.), skits, songs, and games.  Any tips at the District's monthly Roundtable meetings would probably assume this theme.  Consequently, this theme will at least be one of the themes on the ballot. 
If anyone has any problems, concerns, or issues with this theme...or would like to advocate an alternative theme...please contact Gene Gall (, 410-272-9491.  The Blue & Gold committee will present all feedback to the Pack Committee in an orderly manner and may ask you to attend to state your case. 
    Thank you,
    Blue & Gold Committee
BSA Monthly theme: 
Viva Fiesta! It's party time for Scouting and what better way to celebrate than with a Mexican flavor? Boys will learn about the country's festive traditions as they make cascarones and fill piņatas for the blue and gold banquet. Perhaps they can even learn to sing Happy Birthday or other songs in Spanish. They'll enjoy planning the menu too--fajitas or quesadillas, anyone? It's "nacho" ordinary blue and gold banquet! Ole!