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PACK 234
Holiday Party!


December Pack Meeting and Holiday Party!!!
Thanks to the King Cobras!!!
Featuring a visit from Santa!
     Hello everyone, let me introduce myself.  I am, Georgia, one of the elves  for this years Cub Scouts Winter Festival.  I have a partner in crime, Cheryl Girvin.  Together we will be getting the preparations underway for the winter festival which will be held at next months pack meeting.  We want this to be a happy and fun time for the scouts and siblings.                                
     I know that the King Cobras are preparing a Christmas skit.  If any other den would like to present a song or skit please let me know.  You can either see me at the next pack meeting, email or call me.  I will post all numbers and etc. at the bottom of this email.                                    
     I also need to know how many siblings will be attending our festivities.  Santa might have a little something for them too. Oops, I might have let the cat out of the bag.  I don't think I was supposed to let on that the big man in red might stop in for a visit.                                                                      I will be getting in touch with each den regarding what we need for refreshments.  Usually each den brings a few dozen cookies or cupcakes and 2 liter bottles of sodas or juice.  I will let everyone know once I have a good headcount on the number of people attending.                         
   If there are any scouting families in your den that do not have email or did not list their email address on the roster sheet, please forward this information to them.                                   
     Thank you for your participation in this scouting event, together we will make this a memorable event for the scouts.
Here is the contact information for myself and Cheryl.
Georgia Kenny    -    (home)410-575-5817  (cell) 443-854-1781  (email)
Cheryl Girvin - (home) 410-569-5560
Also our annual gift exchange...
      Guidelines for gift exchange...
* Each scout is responsible for bringing one wrapped gift.
* These gifts should be made by the scout and can be made as a den project.
* Different ideas for each gift are not necessary.  Pick one idea for the entire den.
* Prepare enough gifts for each member of your den.  EXAMPLE:  if you have 5 scouts, make 5 gifts.  One scout may not make it to the den meeting, but may be at the party.
* Call Fran if you have any questions  (410) 676-6727