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PACK 234
Monthly Duties


Monthly Duties
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In addition to regular monthly duties...each den should sign up for a song or skit to be presented at a Pack Meeting.

Month     Set Up        Clean Up       Flag
September              Timberwolves             Road Runners          King Cobras
October                      Den 4                          Den 3             Flaming Dragons
November                   Den 1                     King Cobras          Timberwolves
December            Flaming Dragons         Flaming Eagles           Road Runners
January                        Tigers                  Timberwolves          Flaming Eagles
February              Flaming Eagles          Flaming Dragons              Den 1
March                   King Cobras                      Den 1                    Den 3
April                            Den 3                          Den 4              All Sr Webelos 
May                      Road Runners                    Tigers                    Den 4