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PACK 234
Getting Involved
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Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. On this page we might present different options to encourage others to get involved in our cause.

Make a Donation

Maintain liability protection for thousands of volunteers who give of their time and talents.

Make available Scouting videos to help with training. Titles include Cub Scout Leader Fast Start, Scoutmastership Fundamentals, What is Exploring, Drugs/A Deadly Game, Youth Protection Guidelines, Cub Scout Jam, Time of Your Life, An American Passage, It Happened to Me.

Strengthen and promote annual volunteer training sessions.

Recognize Eagle Scouts for their achievements and encourage other Scouts to serve their local communities.

Keep Scouting volunteers informed with newspapers like The Area Scouter.

Promote community caring projects like Scouting For Food and Drugs/A Deadly Game.

Ensure that help is always available from a professional Scouter. These executives are needed to support a volunteer organization of 16,500 adults.

Make sure that Scouting trips remain safe with programs like local and national tour permits, safe guide to Scouting, safe swim defense plan, unit fireguard plan, meeting place inspection checklist, and safety afloat.

Provide long-term camping experiences for Boy Scouts and day camp activities for Cub Scouts.

Support a charity like Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. You give to other charities, don't you? Why not help one that develops our youth into responsible citizens.

Volunteer Your Time


Blue & Gold Helpers

Pinewood Derby Snackbar and race helpers. Coming at the end of January.